Five-year Combined Degree Program

The regulations related to the integrated five-year undergraduate program are as follows:

1.Eligibility: Students in their third year or above of undergraduate studies.
2.Application period: Applications must be submitted in October of the first semester or March of the second semester and reviewed within the same semester.
3.Application process: The application is submitted through an electronic form which can be found under the path: Student Information System/Work Item/Electronic Form System/Bachelor's Integrated Five-Year Program Application Form (Form Number: 1457).
4.Review standards:
(1) Documents for review: Transcript of academic records (including rankings), study plan, personal statement, and other supporting documents.
(2) Evaluation method: 100% based on the review of documents.
(3) Minimum passing score: 70 points.
(4) Applicants who have been admitted to the master's program of the same department through the screening process are deemed to have passed the review.
5.Matters to note during the program: (1) The total number of credits for courses taken in the master's program and those taken in the undergraduate program cannot exceed 25 credits. (2) Credits earned in the master's program are included in the minimum 9-credit requirement for elective courses. (3) Credits earned in the master's program are included in the calculation of the half-credit failed courses in the current semester. (4) Credits earned in the master's program cannot be counted towards the credits required for undergraduate graduation. (5) A passing grade for courses taken in the master's program is 70 points. Applicants must apply for a proof of exemption from undergraduate graduation credits when graduating, and present it to apply for credits exemption in the master's program after admission."