Admissions Page


    Admission Information

    The main admission channels for undergraduate students are selection for admission and admission by designated subject exams. Students can also transfer to our department from other departments within the university or apply for admission through the summer transfer exam. We also welcome students from other colleges within the university to apply for our department as a minor or double major.

    Characteristics of Our Department

    1. The characteristic of diversity in curriculum design.
    2. The training of language skills, information technology, and integration analysis methods.
    3. Emphasis on the integration of legal theory and practice, and cooperation between academia and industry.
    4. Active participation in community legal services and legal education promotion.
    5. Tailored academic counseling and guidance for students with learning disabilities.
    6. Integration of cross-college resources to conduct related teaching and research cooperation.

    Future Development

    Our university was originally founded based on management, finance, and related disciplines. Therefore, the legal education direction of our department was initially focused on the planning of courses in finance and commercial law. However, with the changes in the social environment and the increasing demand for legal professionals by the country, our department was reorganized into three departments in the academic year of 2006 with the approval of the Ministry of Education, in order to cultivate legal professionals with a higher degree of professionalism.
    Furthermore, in the future, our department will center around the college and establish a master's program in finance and law, and at the same time prepare for a doctoral program in law, in order to construct a complete and comprehensive legal education framework that is both deep and broad.